Progressive Resistive Exercise for the Pelvic Floor  
A Medical First for Men and Women!  
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 Feminine Personal Trainer™ 
 The Feminine Personal Trainer (FPT™), a resistive exercise device that's a "first"

What is the FPT™?
The FPT™ can provide a woman with the fastest and most discreet way to rapidly strengthen her pelvic muscles, improving her physical and sexual health.

In addition, the FPT should solve several common issues that arise when exercising the pelvic floor muscles. The FPT self locates the correct muscles for rapid results and provides essential biofeedback for peace of mind and encouragement. You will also experience increased muscle strength, and your husband will definitely notice.

The FPT offers a total pelvic muscle workout and offers you conscious muscle control, something you may have only dreamed about…in just minutes a week. You will feel the strength and control.

The magic of the FPT™ is provided by the weight of the FPT working with the contoured sides and the exercise method to provide universal control for each user in a relaxed, discreet setting.

The exercises are quick and easy and virtually hands free. They are done in a relaxed, reclined sitting position and can even be done in the tub. You can read, watch TV, or talk on the phone without anyone suspecting you are growing stronger by the moment. Only you and your husband will know…

The FPT should take your strength to youthful levels. In fact, after using the FPT, your strength may exceed that of many young women.

What does the FPT™ cost?

If you and your husband are experiencing sexual difficulties (women learn more; men learn more), what is the value of a product that can help improve your relationship?

Isn't it time you tried the FPT™? Order now!

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